Half Day Mining Tour

Half Day Experience Tanzanite’s history, mystery and rarity

Embark upon a journey that stated over 585 million years ago, culminating in the discovery of one of the rarest gemstone in the world. “Tanzanite” Its only found in small village called Mererani in Tanzania.

Displaying incredible blue and violet hues it was first discovered in 1967.the famous New York jewelers “Tiffany & Co” gave it its name declaring it to be the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in 2000 years.

The tour starts at the hotel in Arusha town, depending with your time, we will pick you form the hotel drive to Simanjiro one hour drive via Mandela university road (it is a raff road), but we will return to Arusha via Kia road (which is paved) to complete the cycle.


1. We will pass the small town known as Zaire (but not Kinshasa) where you will be briefed about the town.

2. Visiting mining zone and being informed how Tanzanite has been discovered; descend into the mine for you to know how Tanzanite is being mined. This will take one hour.

3. Taking photo with miner,

4. Drive back to the hotel via JRO road which will take one hour.


The tour price includes:

Transfer to and from Mererani Controlled area
Soft drinks (Coke, water)
Lunch box
Entry fees to the controlled area  50$ pp (including tax)
Guide fee
Head Element and mask for those who will like to go underground
Activities as specified above.



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